Greetings From A Chicken Coop in Tassie!

Hi All, 

Hope you are well and enjoying life. I’m coming to you from Tasmania where I am having a writing sabbatical (and a rest) away from the world.

I’ve been here for 2 weeks with 2 weeks to go. I have had no social media (except to check messages), no Netflix or Stan, no TV or movies…just music, books and real life conversations to entertain me.

I’m staying on a farm which doubles as a yoga retreat. I’m literally living in a converted chicken coop, it’s very basic but beautiful. It’s been very good for my soul to replenish and restore some energy. I’ve been eating veges from the organic garden here which I pick and then juice or cook up. I have found myself naturally sleeping and moving more, while eating less. And engaging with nature – which has included literally bumping into a kangaroo on my first night here and seeing a few big fat tiger snakes. It’s been a great break from my busy year in Melbourne and is resetting me before the holiday season kicks off.


I urge you all in the coming busy months to take some time to restore your own energy supplies - of course meditation is a fantastic way to do this, but also, so is getting in amongst nature and switching off from technology. Try having your morning tea/coffee or lunch outside, go for a walk in a park or on the beach – have your bare feet touch the grass or sand – it will literally ground you. Take breaks from social media and checking your emails/texts. Apple recently confirmed that on average users of iPhones unlock their phones around 80 times per day, with most people actually touching their phone (including taping, swiping, etc) on average 2617 times!


It’s very important as we enter the silly season to remain grounded and make sure you don’t get out of balance. You don’t have to go to Tasmania and stay in a chicken coop to reset, but you can remember to meditate twice a day that will certainly be a good start.


Meditation Dates

  • Last Group Meditation for 2017 – Sunday Nov 26 – 10-11:30am @ 133 North Rd, Brighton
  • Last Group Meditation Course for 2017 – Nov 24-26 – South Melbourne –
  • please connect via email if you or anyone you know is interested in learning:
  • Mentoring & private meditation courses available – Nov 20-29 in South Melbourne.
  • Private & group meditation courses available in Tasmania during Dec 2017 and Jan 2018.
  • First meditation course for 2018 in Melbourne will be Feb 9-11, at an exciting new venue.


Links To Inspire

Moby has released free music especially designed for yoga and relaxation – great to have on in the background, very calming.


I was trying to pick my recent favourite podcast but I love 10% Happier by Dan Harris, he is an American newsreader who had a panic attack on air, and so learnt to meditate to manage his anxiety. His podcast always has lots of interesting well-known people on it and is produced by ABC in the US, which is a commercial TV network, so you see meditation is getting very mainstream.


I posted this on Facebook a while ago, for us kids of the 1980s this song means a lot and this beautiful acoustic version is so moving it will make you well up, check out A-Ha doing Take On Me.


This is a really good time of year to do a juice fast, before you start over indulging. Here is Tyler Tolman’s free juice fast course, I know many people who have done this and love it, or you can just do your own for 1-3 days and try the exciting new organic juice bar in Melbourne – Superfluid in the CBD and Fitzroy.

If you are one of my students please feel free to reach out anytime for questions on your practice.

Take care, relax and enjoy!

Neradine X

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