How Rebel Wilson Helped Me Become A Meditation Teacher

This week I was a witness in the Rebel Wilson trial. The truth is indeed stranger than fiction. I left the media industry last year quietly, exhausted, burnt out, disillusioned after 25 years of giving it everything I had. Suddenly I was thrust back in it giving evidence that involved the first media company I ever worked for when I was young and idealistic in New York. Everything had come full circle, when one door closes another one opens. When I asked advice from my lawyer he said, “just tell the truth.” When I asked advice from my meditation teacher Thom Knoles he said, “nature supports whatever is most evolutionary, therefore relax and enjoy. There is no such thing as bad news.” I told the truth and I tried to see the experience as part of my own personal evolution.

I am grateful for my career in media – all the amazing people I had the opportunity to work with and the experiences I had, but I am saddened by the way people are behaving in it now, especially women against women. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to change my career in the middle of my life and find more meaningful work where I can actually help people embrace change and evolution in their lives.

I was proud, albeit very nervous, to stand in court and say I was now a meditation teacher, which I had to add that to that I was a former TV exec with 25 years experience working in media to give me cred as a witness. Meditation teachers are not newsworthy, controversial or scandalous. I teach meditation. I help people tap into their intuition and live calmer lives filled with more bliss and less suffering. There is no such thing as bad news it’s all about how we chose to see it. And let’s face it we can all be a bit kinder to each other and enjoy our lives more.  

I did not want to be part of this media circus, but it forced me to face my truth and own the fact that I was now a Meditation Teacher and for that I am grateful. Sometimes our adversities force us to embrace our truths.