Why Bother With Meditation?

Everyday people ask me about meditation and everyday I explain that it will help them be the best version of themselves. 


Meditation releases layers of stress that are not helpful. You know those days when everything goes right. When you know where your keys are? Your phone is fully-charged? The money lands in your account. Everyone answers your emails. You get a great parking spot. And everyone in your life behaves well. Those are the days you are in flow – life feels easy and enjoyable. It’s frictionless and effortless. You wonder why everyone is so stressed and carrying on. Well meditation gives you more days like this.

In his latest book Tools of Titans, Tim Ferris interviews world-class performers, elite athletes and billionaires to find out what they do to make them great at what they do. He discovered that over 80% of the people he interviewed had a meditation or mindfulness practice. That was the one consistent thing they all did, which is pretty extraordinary.

In her book, First We Make The Beast Beautiful, Sarah Wilson says, “You can be crap at meditation and it still works.” She has struggled with anxiety her whole life and says, “when people ask me for the ‘one thing’ that’s helped with my anxiety, I tell them there’s been no one thing. But if pressed, I conceded that meditation has steered m to most of the good things that have happened in the past seven years. The other thing I tell them is that the thing about meditation is that you always have it with you. You don’t have to rely on anyone or anything. You sit. With yourself. And just meditate. This is incredibly powerful in itself.”

Brigid Delaney in her book, Wellmania – Misadventures In The Search For Wellness says “After the first meditation…an undeniable feeling comes over me – I feel slightly buzzed, grinning.” She says that in all the things she experienced over years of research, the Vedic Meditation course she took is the thing that helped her the most.

And so why should you meditate? Because simply, it will make you feel better!