Are You Faking It?

When I was living in New York City in my early 20s we used to say, fake it ‘til you make it. It was a way of giving ourselves confidence, when really we had no idea what we were doing. I remember faking it during my internships at art galleries and fashion magazines. Whenever I did something wrong I would say, oh that’s how we do it in Australia… the truth was I had lied about my experience on my resume and lived in fear that I would get caught out.

Last month I turned 50 and I don’t feel the need to fake it anymore. But I see many people around me faking it, because they feel they won’t be accepted by society if they show their true selves. Look at the success of Australian comedian Celeste Barber – she parodies the lives of celebrities and supermodels and people love her, because HELLO, SHE IS REAL!

Recently someone I know told me I didn’t look like a meditation teacher because you’re not skinny, you dye your hair and you drink champagne. Seriously, they really did! They also went on to say that they didn’t feel they could send me students because I didn’t have the look people expected of a meditation teacher…oh boy! Yes, I have added that person to my “Toxic People To Avoid List.”

A few years ago when I was considering leaving my TV career and becoming a fulltime meditation teacher and mentor, I went to see a well-known celebrity life coach in Sydney. She asked me what was stopping me. I said my weight and I was worried I wouldn’t earn the same amount of money I did in TV. She said forget about the weight – look at Oprah and Brene Brown (two of my biggest heroes). And when I told her what I earned in TV, she said I was unlikely to earn that in my new career but I would be happier and more fulfilled – so far she’s been right on all accounts. 

So when I see a skinny meditation teacher half my age in a bikini posting pics of herself on the beach and telling everyone how happy she is on Instagram – I don’t freak out, because I know she’s probably faking it. I think about Oprah. I remind myself I had a successful career in media for 25 years, I survived cancer against all odds and I am a great teacher who has true compassion for her students. 

What I know for sure is that happiness is an inside job and I have that one covered. I go inside myself to feel happy and complete through my meditation practice.


So are you faking it? Or are you living your true life?


Here is my favourite TED Talk ever: Brene Brown on vulnerability.


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Experiences on learning meditation:

I feel very lucky to have been introduced to Neradine who guided me through the very special and really easy practice of Vedic Meditation. I now live my life with an underlying sense of deep calm, and look forward to both my daily meditations. This has been a huge change for me, as I came to her nearly a year ago after a long period of stress. Great teachers make life changes enjoyable, and this has been my experience with Neradine.”
- Sarah, 33

“Thanks Neradine, loved your teachings, your energy, your style, thanks so much. I'm loving my mantra and meditations and I continue to maintain the dedication and discipline to make it a normal part of my life."

- Graham, 52


“My husband say I’ve stopped busting his balls since I’ve learnt to meditate."

- Susie, 41

Experience on mentoring:

“As a mentor Neradine is thoughtful, knowledgeable and inspiring…and she makes it feel fun and nourishing. The process feels like talking to the brilliant, generous friend you’ve always wished you could find to help you navigate life and career. Her advice is useful, specific and encouraging. Her wholistic approach changed my mindset to oth work and my broader life. It make my goals feel possible and my challenges feel less daunting. My confidence grew and my results – at work and at life. I can’t thank or recommend her enough.”


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