Neradine Tisaj is a media and brand consultant, meditation teacher, mentor, cancer warrior and writer. Born and bred in Melbourne, she has lived in New York, Sydney and the Blue Mountains. She is currently based in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

She is an experienced media professional and fully-trained meditation teacher specialising in media and brand consulting, mentoring, meditation and stress-management.

Her media career spans over 25 years both in Australia and the US. Neradine has held senior positions at the Nine Network, Network Ten, Foxtel, Warner Bros. Comcast and Bauer Media. She has worked with both US and Australian talent and executives, and launched a huge slate of media products including TV channels, TV shows and digital content services. She has a strong varied background in communications, marketing, TV production, media training and writing.

Twenty years ago she was taught to meditate by the world famous Vedic Meditation Master Thom Knoles and continued to study advanced courses with him over the next two decades, including being trained as a mentor. In 2016 Neradine transitioned from her full-time career as a TV executive to become a fully-trained Vedic meditation teacher under the guidance of Tim Brown in Sydney.

Neradine is breast cancer survivor living with the BRCA1 gene. After 9 years she is still cancer-free and believes her mindset and meditation practice were integral in her survival, despite refusing chemo treatment. She works with a diverse group of people from high-profile business professionals to teenagers, stay-at-home mothers and retirees to help them have more clarity and focus, and feel calmer, happier, enjoy less-stressful lives.

Neradine is currently working on a new book called The Change Junkie. Her first book How To Give Up Shopping (or at least cut down) gained a great deal of publicity and was very successful in helping women deal with over-shopping habits. She has been published in The Australian, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Wallpaper, Cleo, The Bulletin, The Sunday Telegraph, etc. She was nominated for an Australian Writers Guild Award for a screenplay (Monte Miller Award) in 1997.

If you would like to work with Neradine one-on-one or find out about her meditation courses you can connect with her via: