Mentoring - For A Better You

My mentoring sessions help you be the best version of you. Sometimes you need to tell someone your story to find your path. After one of my sessions you will leave with a To-Do-List which will help you get back on your path, feel more fulfilled and more in control of your life. We'll look into how to feed your soul and achieve your goals in life, health and career. Great for professional people, working mothers, and people dealing with serious illnesses. Learn to enjoy your life again and get out of that rut.

  • Stress less, feel calmer and deal with anxiety
  • Achieve your goals 
  • Get out of your rut
  • Embrace change
  • Start new habits


60 mins (Skype/Facetime/Phone) = $200

75 mins (my space) = $250

90 mins (your space) = $300