I have been studying different modalities of meditation for over 30 years...Twenty years ago I was taught to meditate by the world famous Vedic Meditation Master Thom Knoles and continued to study advanced courses with him over the next two decades, including being trained as a mentor. In 2016 I transitioned from my full-time career as a TV executive to become a fully-trained Vedic meditation teacher under the guidance of Tim Brown in Sydney.

I am breast cancer survivor living with the BRCA1 gene. After 9 years I am still cancer-free and I believe my mindset and meditation practice were integral in my survival, despite refusing chemo treatment. I work with a diverse group of people from high-profile business professionals to teenagers, stay-at-home mothers and retirees to help them have more clarity and focus, and feel calmer, happier, enjoy less-stressful lives.

I teach Vedic Meditation in South Melbourne, Brighton and Mount Eliza, and specialise in private courses in peoples homes and workplaces. My courses are intimate and I'm hands on, compassionate and provide ongoing support. I'm not a fly in fly out teacher. I will be there for you for the rest of your life to help guide you to become a master of meditation yourself. I do everything I can to make sure you understand the technique thoroughly. Not all meditation is the same and not all meditation teachers are created equal. You deserve to learn from someone who cares about you.

There is a special discount to cancer patients, it's my way of giving back, because I know...


Group - (my space) = $990 per person

Private -  (your space) = $2490 per person

Executive - (chose space) = $5000 per person

All courses include:

  • 4 x sessions over 2-4 days, first session is always one-on-one
  • 1 x one-on-one follow up session
  • access to group meditations
  • access to refresher courses
  • follow up notes, links, reading lists
  • lifetime support via text, phone, email
  • discounts on mentoring sessions

The Executive course includes the above with the addition of:

  • 3 x mentoring sessions
  • 3 x advanced stress management techniques
  • course specifically tailored to high-performing professional people to help them enhance their work performance while achieving work/life balance